Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CU Freebie - Turkey

I hope you enjoy this element. It is a cute turkey that I made myself. I looked at some pictures and decided I could draw one on my own. So, I did. It is for commercial or personal use. Just credit me if you would be so kind I would greatly appreciate it.

I have only made one template before so if you have any problems with this template let me know. It was created in Photoshop CS3. I have divided the template into 3 sections (you will see when you open the PSD). There is a group called Body, Inner Tail, and Outer Tail. It is pretty much self explanatory. Now, I did not create the template easy so that you can just fill and layer with color or a paper. You must do a little work. Otherwise, the file would be huge for you to download. Let me see if I can give you a few tips.

1. Open the PSD
2. Select a layer that you would like to color.
3. Press CTRL+J to copy the layer.
4. Now, click back on the layer you copied (the first one) then press CTRL+SHIFT+N for a new layer.
5. This layer should be blank and be in between your original layer and copy. Right-click this layer and choose Create Clipping Mask.
6. Select the layer above this Clipping Mask and change the Mode from Normal to anything else (you can play with this later to get the color/effect you would like).
7. Now, select the clipping mask layer and fill that layer with a color.
8. SURPRISE you just colored that layer the easy way. And the best part, if you do not like the color or paper chosen you can just delete the contents of that clipping mask layer and fill it with a new color or paper.

Just repeat the above steps for all the layers and have fun coloring. I would love to see your results. If you have any problems with the psd let me know.

Okay, and the template is..................

You can download it here.


Gayle said...

Cute turkey - and thanks for the instructions too! :)

Unknown said...

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Craftymumz Creations said...

THANK YOU so much! I saw a link on CU FREEBIES FORUM for your blog so thought I'd visit.

Chelle Moore said...

Thank you! CU Freebies Only Forum Sent Me! Thanks For Sharing your Time and Talent with us!