Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CT Call

That's right, I am having a CT Call. I don't have many kits out right now but I plan at least 2 a month going forward. That being said below are the requirements. Apply if you think you would enjoy doing this.

2 LOs per kit
Post LO on your blog and Digi Scrapbooking Mania gallery and two other locations.

Email me at rileycreations@gmail.com with 2 LOs and a link to your blog.

Now, what do you want to see? What type of kits have you been looking for that you just can't find. Come on, give me some new, interesting ideas. Got specific colors and no theme, let me know that too. Just post a comment here. I wonder what will be in store.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hey Marion, I saw your post, I have no clue what CT or LO means, so overall I have no idea what your blog means! LOL, HOWEVER, I was going to suggest to you, maybe making holiday PSD card kits?

I am currently about to do my holiday cards and I am looking for PSD files that I can use to create custom cards. Or illustrator (which I prefer).